Jaguar Land Rover
Interactive Infographic

Client:   Jaguar Land Rover (Speculative)

Role:   Front End Developer

September 2016

While working at the data marketing agency Amaze One, designer Nick Seville and I identified an opportunity to improve the way we engage with our client’s data. Traditionally, our colleagues produced a monthly spreadsheet, dense with graphs and figures to be circulated amongst stakeholders.

Our proposal was twofold. To centralise all past and present sets of data, providing stakeholders with up to the minute information which can be shared and compared by all stakeholders with access to the solution. To display the data in a way that it would be more easily digestible by stakeholders of all disciplines. We believe that representing data in a more visually engaging way will lead to deeper insights, otherwise missed in a sea of figures.

Our result was this prototype dashboard. Designed by Nick Seville and built by me using the JavaScript graphing library D3.js. The data being represented is web analytics from Jaguar Land Rover’s Car Configurator – a web page which lets customers customise components on a car before purchasing it. Our interactive infographic shows which car model was most popular with users between specific dates, then lets the user drill down into that information to see it’s granularity. Clicking further into that information rearranges it onto a graph which shows at which point in the user flow users dropped off – identifying potential problems.